Sheikh Hussain

Business BTEC level 3

I had a delightful experience during my time at Explore Education. The classes were both enjoyable and productive, and the instructors played a crucial role in imparting new skills to me. They significantly contributed to enhancing my proficiency in business and writing.

Jesslyn Grace

Pearson Btec Level 3

I had an outstanding experience with Explore Educational Institute. It has significantly enriched my knowledge and skills in the field of Business Management & Research. Among the best institutes, it stands out for its reasonable tuition fees and diverse course selection. Beyond academic instruction, this educational center fosters a collaborative environment where students engage with their peers through exciting events and activities. My time at this institute has been highly enjoyable, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any student seeking guidance in their educational journey. The atmosphere promotes productivity and self-discovery, encouraging students to realize their full potential. The supportive and knowledgeable teachers have been instrumental in ensuring the successful completion of my tasks. Overall, this institute is an exceptional establishment for swiftly expanding one's knowledge, particularly for those considering further education abroad.

Mahek Shah

Business Level 3

Explore Education has been a great help in terms of my career and further studies, the faculty gives each student their assistance, and the quality of learning is impeccable as it is very hands on and interesting. All my doubts and reservations always get attention and are cleared out immediately! Not to mention, the class schedules are convenient and flexible. The campus environment is a positive approachable setting, and the faculty helped me get internships, moreover with the credit transfer program, I have the opportunity to do my final year with globally recognized universities across the world. 

Ashlyn Stacy Sequeira


The staff and guidance provided at Explore Education are unparalleled. This competent institution offers a flexible and accommodating schedule, ensuring that students receive the assistance they truly deserve.


Btec level 3 foundation course

My experience at the institute has been truly positive and enriching. The welcoming environment fosters a sense of positivity, making each day a rewarding experience. The classes are exceptionally productive, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge. The dedicated teachers have played a pivotal role in my personal and skill development, guiding me to new heights of proficiency. I am grateful for the continuous support and encouragement, and I am confident that this institute is contributing significantly to my overall growth and learning journey.


Student-BTEC LEVEL 3 in Business

I joined PEARSON BTEC LEVEL 3 in business with Explore Education in 2020. My journey has been very interesting and informative, I really enjoy the course and take a lot from it. I also made a lot of friends here.Teachers are extremely understanding and helpful. They also encourage the students to experience practicality. Highly recommendable learning experience. Amazing campus with friendly and helpful faculty and staff.


Student-BTEC HND in Business

I am currently studying Pearson BTEC HND in Business at Explore Education. The course is helping me to enhance my skills, which I already had but with limited understanding. I have gotten better at researching and identifying the relevant data for any given topic. The faculty is helpful and informative. Highly recommended.

Ali Mustafa


I did ATHE course with Explore Education. The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. It was short, useful, practical, specific, well documented, valuable and to the point. Teachers are outstanding.

Mohammed Mahdi Hossain

ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Business

I found Explore Education very professional and ambitious in their approach to provide quality education meeting the needs of job market. The positive energy and learning space in Explore Education has motivated me to do better in my studies. The timings and convenience of my classes were my favorite part till date I appreciate my time in Explore Education, as the vocational training provided has given me an understanding on how to deal with the corporate life.

Rajanika Sammani

ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Business

The journey at Explore has been incredible. The teachers are friendly and we can really look forward to them for all the support. The Business qualification

Yazan Said Jarrouj

ATHE Level 3

I would like to thank EXPLORE for all the academic support they have provided to the students. Its been a wonderful journey and you guys have always been the